LUKOWA Académie is an educational and training program of the company LUKOWA and Faculty of Organizational Sciences at the University of Belgrade, created with an aim to develop and improve specific knowledge and skills of students in several fields: Business and Management, Corporate Communications, Finance, Spreadsheet Engineering, International Trade, and Agriculture.

LUKOWA Académie is designed for students of 3rd and 4th year of undergraduate studies, as well as for students of master studies at the Faculty of Organizational Sciences, Economics and Agriculture. The program lasts for 4 weeks, comprises 4 workshops, and ends with LUKOWA Case Study Challenge - competition in solving a business case study.

All participants are awarded Certificate of accomplishment in International trade. For the most successful participants, LUKOWA offers internships and employment.

The entire program is held in English and is free for all selected participants.

LUKOWA Académie Team 2018

LUKOWA Case Study Challenge 2018 - Results

LUKOWA Académie Team 2018


We are proud to present our team of lecturers and mentors for this year LUKOWA Académie:


Ana Poledica, project director

Milan Okanović, program manager, lecturer-mentor

Aleksandar Rakićević, project administrator

Vesna Damnjanović, consultant, lecturer-mentor

Slavica Cicvarić Kostić, lecturer-mentor

Slobodan Antić, lecturer-mentor

Miloš Milosavljević, lecturer-mentor

Adam Kovač, Senior consultant EY, mentor

Branislav Bandić, Senior consultant EY, mentor

LUKOWA Case Study Challenge 2018 - Results

LUKOWA Case Study Challenge was held on Sunday, December 16, 2018, as the final event of the LUKOWA Académie. The participants of the Académie, divided into 6 teams, presented their solutions of the task, given by the company LUKOWA. The competition was of an international character since we had as a guest the 7th team from Corvinus Business School, University of Budapest (Hungary).

The results of the competition are:

1st place


Filip Mikanović (Faculty of Economics)
Natalija Bogdanović (Faculty of Economics)
Milan Ilić (Faculty of Organizational Sciences)


Adam Kovač (Ernst & Young, Case Study Club FON)


2nd place


Fruzsina Balogh (Corvinus Business School)
Gabor Lorincz (Corvinus Business School)
Dora Nguyen (Corvinus Business School)
Andras Rostas (Corvinus Business School)


Zsolt Matyusz (Corvinus Business School)


3rd place


Stefan Conić (Faculty of Organizational Sciences)
Aleksandra Džinčić (Faculty of Organizational Sciences)
Rada Obradović (Faculty of Agriculture)
Stefan Matović (Faculty of Economics)


Slobodan Antić (Faculty of Organizational Sciences)


Best Presenter Award

Aleksandra Džinčić (Faculty of Organizational Sciences)


The diplomas were handed over to the awarded students by the LUKOWA team representative.


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