LUKOWA Académie 2020 – A corporate approach to case cracking produced successful team solutions


As a final part of LUKOWA Académie 2020, LUKOWA Business Challenge was held online on Sunday 6th December. Divided into six teams, the student participants presented their solutions for the case study “Delivering excellence to Genial Gemüse” specified for the highly competitive market of frozen fruit and vegetables in the DACH region. Students pitched their solutions to the jury members: Branislav Bandić (Manager, Ernst & Young), Miloš Milosavljević (Associate Professor, FON), Rade Stojisavljević (COO, LUKOWA), Ivan Vilus (CTO, LUKOWA), Nebojša Abadžić (Head of Sales and Procurement, LUKOWA). Académie had 30 student participants from the Faculty of Organizational Sciences, Economics, Agriculture, Technology and Metallurgy, Technical Sciences and Electrical Engineering.

The goal of the case study was to provide students with ownership of a realistic responsibility within the LUKOWA’s or any sales team and to test students’ resourcefulness, understanding of the “B2B mindset”, comprehension, analytics, communication skills and others. The main task for the students was to help LUKOWA sales team with making a tender proposal for a potential client Genial Gemüse. While creating a proposal, participants could use the existing products of the company but also to expand LUKOWA product portfolio and to create new products in cooperation with the client. Student teams were expected to offer a solution to the company COO with a complete technical and financial proposal. Through the company meetups participants had an opportunity to get to know the B2B model of LUKOWA and its production processes through the production visit delivered online. During case cracking students also had support from mentors and company top management on several Q&A sessions. In the final event, each team had 20 minutes to present their solution and 15 minutes for Q&A with jury members. It was challenging to choose the top three solutions among young talents, but the winners of this year’s LUKOWA Business Challenge are:

First place: Matija Popović, Irena Vukosavljević (Faculty of Economics), Marija Rajković, Ana Rabrenović (Faculty of Organizational Sciences), Anđela Marčetić (Faculty of Agriculture)

Second place: Dimitrije Florin, Vanja Krajniker (Faculty of Economics), Nikolina Mladenović (School of Electrical Engineering), Gordana Spajić (Faculty of Agriculture), Tijana Kolović (Faculty of Organizational Sciences)

Third place: Marija Đukić, Katarina Milosavljević (Faculty of Organizational Sciences), Marija Dujović (Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy), Nada Stanivuk (Faculty of Technical Sciences)

For the best presenter the jury awarded Dimitrije Florin from the Faculty of Economics. Apart from jury awards, Nina Macanović from Faculty of Economics received “Most dedicated student award” at LUKOWA Académie 2020, while Marija Dujović from Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy was awarded as MVP according to an internal team evaluation.

The audience had a chance to vote and awarded Milena Gatić, Marijana Ljubojević (Faculty of Organizational Sciences), Veljko Petrović, Sergej Stojiljković (Faculty of Economics) and Sunčica Stojčić (Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy) for the best team at LUKOWA Business Challenge.

LUKOWA Académie has been organized in English for the third time and this year was successfully delivered online. Académie is primarily focused on students in their final year of studies and promotes a corporate approach to case cracking to help students develop sustainable business solutions. LUKOWA Académie partners and friends, professors and student organizations from different faculties have attended the LUKOWA Business Challenge. All the student participants have received the certificates of accomplishment and the company will offer paid internships and employment for the most successful students.

It was inspiring to witness young talents shaping their skills and ideas in successful business solutions. It is our pleasure to meet another generation of excellence!