The second edition of LUKOWA Académie is here!


It is our pleasure to announce the second edition of LUKOWA Académie!

We invite you to join the next generation of excellence and to upgrade your skills through our educational and training program. LUKOWA Académie 2019 is mutual educational and training program of the LUKOWA company and Faculty of Organizational Sciences supported by USAID.

This training is designed for students of 3rd and 4th year of bachelor studies, as well as for master students at Faculty of Organizational Sciences, Faculty of Economics and Faculty of Agriculture. LUKOWA Académie 2019 is a tailor-made program for 30 selected students who will have the opportunity to develop and improve specific knowledge and skills in several fields: Corporate Communications and Sales, Business and Management, Finance, International Trade and Agriculture. 

The entire program is held in English and is free for all selected participants.

The best time to pursue your career is now! Applications will be open soon!