LUKOWA Académie Innovation Challenge – Knowledge presented in innovative solutions


As a final part of LUKOWA Académie 2019, Innovation Challenge was held at the Faculty of Organization Science on Sunday 8th December. Divided into six teams, the participants presented their solutions for innovative improvement of LUKOWА’s B2B model in the highly competitive market of frozen fruit and vegetables.

Students pitched their solutions to the jury members: Adam Kovač (Consultant at Ernst&Young), Branislav Bandić (Consultant at Ernst&Young), Svetlana Kijevčanin (USAID Representative), Rade Stojisavljević (Chief Operating Officer at LUKOWA), Nebojša Abadžić (Head of Sales at LUKOWA).

The main challenges were new client acquisition and market extension, while simultaneously enhancing the relationship with existing ones. Innovations within the model, as well as improving LUKOWA’s services and products were also the main criteria for a good solution. Each team has 20 minutes for pitch and 15 minutes for Q&A session. It wasn’t easy to choose the top three solutions among all young talents, but the winners of this year LUKOWA Innovation Challenge were:

First place – Aleksandar Trifunjagić (Faculty of Organizational Sciences), Mia Sinobad (Faculty of Economics), Djordje Mijatović, Emilija Oreščanin and Djurdjina Milošević (Faculty of Agriculture)
Second place – Vanja Končarević (Faculty of Organizational Sciences), Nikola Mimić, Jana Simonović and Dušan Todorović (Faculty of Agriculture), Ana Stanković (Faculty of Economics)
Third place – Marina Obradović and Jelena Radonjić (Faculty of Organizational Sciences), Dimitrije Petrović and Katarina Topalović (Faculty of Agriculture)

Marina Obradović (Faculty of Organizational Sciences) was named for the best presenter.

The winning solution proposed two main strategies: Working on an existing B2B model, but also expanding to the fresh fruit and vegetables to DACH region and later on further in the entire EU market. Also, they proposed strengthening the relationship with existing clients, as well as forming a Monitoring & Consulting Department which could be available for both LUKOWA and their clients. 

The idea is to enhance proactivity and overall market insight of LUKOWA and their partners, as well as boosting the industry itself via the cooperation of both retail and industry companies“, said Aleksandar Trifunjagić member of winning team. 

All the participants had the opportunity to attend the program taking full advantage of using a practice-oriented approach and develop innovative solutions through guided consultations with mentor experts and top management of LUKOWA Food AG. Aleksandar Savanović, Member of the Board of LUKOWA Food AG handed out the Certificate of Accomplishment in Sales and Corporate Communication to the students of the second edition of LUKOWA Académie. For the most successful participants, the company will provide internships and employment.

Student professors and student organizations from all three faculties have attended the LUKOWA Innovation Challenge.

It was inspiring to witness young talents shaping their ideas, skills, and visions in innovative solutions. It is our pleasure to meet another generation of excellence!