LUKOWA Académie 2019 Info Days – Meet Our Team at Your Faculty!


During the next week, the presentation of LUKOWA Académie 2019 will be conducted at the Faculty of Organizational Sciences, Faculty of Economics and Faculty of Agriculture. All the necessary information about the program will be presented in the lobby of the faculties by our promoters, and everyone interested in the program will have the opportunity to meet LUKOWA Académie alumni members, as well as LUKOWA company representatives.

The visitors will have the opportunity to hear about LUKOWA company from company’s board member, Vlada Tanasković. LUKOWA Académie will be presented by Marina Gašević, head of HR and legal department. Our Innovation Manager Brian Reddy will take a short talk about innovative solutions we use within our company. At the end of the presentation, company representatives and Academy alumni members will be available for conversation at 30 minutes AMA (Ask Me Anything) Session.

The schedule of LUKOWA Académie 2019 presentations is following:

October 15th at 13.30 am – Faculty of Agriculture in Belgrade,
October 16th at 6 pm – Faculty of Organizational Sciences,
October 17th at 4 pm – Faculty of Economics in Belgrade.

Join us and discover why LUKOWA Académie 2019 is a unique opportunity for shaping your career path!