LUKOWA Académie 2020


It is our pleasure to announce that we have successfully completed LUKOWA Académie selection process where we had the opportunity to meet great and talented students. On opening ceremony, participants had the opportunity to hear all about the leading trends in food industry around the world from experts and consultants Ms. Christina Taylor, Ms. Maya Wiestner and Mr. Thomas Bratschi. Following, Mr. Vlada Tanasković, Member of the Board in LUKOWA, introduced LUKOWA Group’s business and future plans for expending across new industries. 

During the previous period, participants had the opportunity to attend two Workshops. 

First Workshop was dedicated to Case Cracking Methodology. Adam Kovač, Solution Specialist at 3lateral, and Branislav Bandic, Manager at EY, shared with our participants tips and tricks and most common problems that can occur when solving case studies. Best approach to understandingmethodology is analizing existing case studies and their possible solutions. In interactive session, students discussed case studies and solution from last two editions of LUKOWA Académie. 

Our amazing Slavica Cicvarić Kostić PhD, lecturer at Department of Marketing Management and Public Relations at FON, held second Workshop on Sales and Communication topics. The goal of this Workshop was to strengthen students’ capacities regarding communication on international markets as a basis for successful sales process. 

Next stop – Presenting this years case studies to our participants! We are looking forward to seeing how well participant apply the knowledge from two Workshops, in a specific problem.